Who the hell is Katie anyway?

Katie 003 Katie Collins is a sometimes actor, sometime writer, full time mom, and 20-year nonprofit professional.  She loves everything by Sondheim, her wife Kelly, sarcasm, her daughter Liza, the original Star Trek series, really good cheeseburgers, the old Carol Burnett show and a fine Shiraz.  She does not like pretentiousness, yogurt, Fox News, the complete works of Chekov, crafts, camping or any recipe that begins “early in day.”  She is quite astonished to find herself rapidly nearing her mid-forties but is looking forward to re-inventing herself on this next leg of her life’s adventure.


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4 10 2009
Joseph Ianelli

darling, you BAKED bread! That was fing hysterical and ultimately poignant. Quite lovely. I think it hysterical that Liza’sschool forced you to make bread–of all things. But you did it. Cooking is not so bad–honestly crafting and camping (not the judy garland/liza minelli kind, of course) are a whole lot worse. At least after cooking, you get to eat–try eating a fucking macrame plant holder or those stupid dream catchers (hope you have no Native American readers–sorry–). Anyway, I can wait to read the rest.

4 10 2009
Joseph Ianelli

oh god, i had no idea this was for a wide audience–my comment is waiting moderation. thougt it was just between two best friends. please forgive me moderator–i am over 40 and have no idea how any of this actually works. xxoo. katie–my last line should be I can’t wait to readthe rest. never did learn to type.

4 10 2009

I wouldn’t have it any other way darling — and since I”M the moderator it’s really ok 🙂

29 10 2009
Susanna Hargreaves

Katie, I really loved your story in Parenting NH. I read it while I waited in the car to pick up my kids from school. It was very funny and bittersweet…and now you have me craving warm bread…Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

29 10 2009

I’m flattered you liked it! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog to let me know! Hope you’ll stick around and read a few more pieces and come back from time to time!

10 11 2009

Hi Katie,

I really enjoyed your “Dear People of Maine” entry. It made me tear up. I shared the link on my Facebook page. I hope my closed-minded brother reads it. It’s funny…you grow up with someone, and find out when you’re in your 40s that your world views are completely opposite. How does that happen? I should start my own blog!

Take care, and I hope Liza’s feeling better!

Mary from the Swillage

15 11 2009

Can I share your bread making entry at our upcoming bread communion (UU Church, baby!)?


16 11 2009

of course Gigi – I’d be flattered!

19 07 2010

Great writing!

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